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LEED Sertifikası

Our goals and values coming form the basis of our work for a sustainable future.


Worldwide Awards

We have received the most important awards of our industry around the world with you.

As ECOBUILD, we received "LEED Project of the Year Award", "LEED Extraordinary Project Award", "European Green Building Leader" awards from USGBC - USA Green Buildings Council, the world's largest green building and environmental organization. We received awards and commendations from the ministry.


The world's only received EcoBuild "LEED Project of the Year" award for Turkey, not only is a significant architectural and residential sectors for EcoBuild.


The success in the projects carried out by ECOBUILD for more than 20 years, the contribution it has made to the development of the LEED Certificate, the firsts in green urban projects, the training of hundreds of green building experts, the creation of hundreds of green building materials, has been powered by the power of you, your stakeholders, as a family.


USGBC awards 5 different awards every year around the world. As a Turkish company, ECOBUILD has been awarded 3 of these awards in 2018 and 2020.

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