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Acoustic Consulting improves the health, living and working quality of building users. Building regulations and green building certifications require acoustic projects.

Acoustic Consulting Services

What is Building Acoustics Consulting?

building acoustics; means controlling noise in buildings. This includes minimizing the transmission of noise from one area to another in the building and controlling the characteristics of the sound inside the spaces. Building acoustics minimizes the noise and vibration that the building is exposed to in order to provide comfort indoors.


Building acoustics is carried out with an engineering approach that includes the design, operation and construction phases for the health and efficiency of the users of the building. Building acoustics studies are necessary for a healthy and comfortable communication. This supports efficiency within the building. It is especially important where noise control, sound quality and intelligibility are paramount, such as in hotels, concert halls, recording studios, conference rooms.


Acoustic Consultant analyzes the noise and vibration affecting the building envelope by measuring it with expert teams and modern equipment. In line with these scientific data, it designs the appropriate acoustic environment and noise control instruments at an optimal level, analyzes and reports with acoustic engineering calculations and acoustic simulation software.


Environmental noise and vibration (such as traffic or crowds) acting on the building envelope affect internal noise levels and structural vibration. This situation negatively affects the health and life comfort of building users. Acoustic consultant offers detailed solution suggestions on many issues from the design of building facade systems to material selection and installation in order to control and alleviate noise and vibration.


In line with the report submitted to the project authors, the design of the facade elements is structured in an optimal performance by preserving the price performance data in line with the reduction of environmental noise pollution.

What Are Our Acoustic Consulting Service Titles?

  •  Acoustic Project Consulting Services Compliant with    LEED and WELL Criteria

  •     Acoustic Design and Project Services 

  •     Acoustic Consulting Services 

  •     Acoustic Modeling

  •     Acoustic Reporting

  •     Acoustic Strategy Report

  •     Building Acoustics Consulting Services

  •     Building Acoustics Consultancy Services

  •     Volume Acoustics Consulting Services

  •     Technical Consulting of Acoustic Materials

  •     Preparing System Details

  •     Preparation of Technical Specifications

  •     Environmental Noise Mapping and Reporting

  •     Elektro-acoustic Design and Consulting Services

Acoustic Consulting Service Titles

What's Our Difference?

What Is Our Difference From The Sector In Acoustic Consulting?

We specialize in projects aimed at green building international certification such as LEED or WELL certification

Our acoustic consultancy team, which is experienced in the field and has many national and international references, together with architectural acoustics consultants, civil engineers and many technical personnel, successfully carries out many acoustic consultancy activities besides facade acoustics, and contributes to domestic and international projects that make a difference. provides.


Our acoustic consultants consist of Turkey's leading technical people in the field of acoustic consultancy, who have always reported on interior acoustics, concert halls, façade acoustics and conference centers at international standards. Our architectural and engineer staff; accredited in interior / room (volume) acoustics, façade acoustics, sound insulation & noise control, vibration control & structural dynamics, audio-visual & integrated communication systems, measurement, computer-modeling & analysis, analysis/design programs & measurement equipment.  


We provide cost and time optimum acoustic consultancy. In the study, which will be carried out considering the benefit/cost, the cost will be lower than the experimental methods, since the most optimal material will be used to absorb the noise pollution.


We provide comfort and confidence to many employees in the project, from project designers to façade consultants, from material purchasing to installation team.


We comply with legal sanctions and regulatory requirements. We are solving the noise pollution problem that will occur at the end of the project from the very beginning. If measures are not taken at the beginning of the project, we eliminate the undesired inefficient solutions and additional costs associated with noise control that may occur later. We are able to offer high-speed solutions for noise-related problems.

What is Acoustic Consulting in Compliance with the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings Against Noise?

Building Acoustic Project in Compliance with the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings Against Noise: It is the project in which the materials to be used in the construction of the building are specified after the acoustic and insulation values are examined in order to prevent the negative effects of the noise arising from the inside and outside of the building that people will be exposed to in the use of all kinds of structures, buildings, facilities and businesses. According to the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings Against Noise, it is necessary to apply an acoustic project in all buildings within the boundaries of the municipality and the adjacent area.


Building Acoustic Report Compliant with the Regulation on the Protection of Buildings Against Noise: Building acoustic report is a requirement in accordance with the regulation on the protection of buildings against noise at the stage of obtaining construction permits. In order to evaluate the acoustic values and insulation in the buildings to be built, your building acoustic report is presented to you as soon as possible and under the most suitable conditions by our certified expert employees by examining your building project. 


Acoustic Projects in Green Buildings

Acoustic Measurement and Inspection Services

Acoustic Measurement Services

  • Acoustic Measurement and Reporting

  • Acoustic Measurements According to TS, ISO, EN, ASTM Standards 

  • Measurement Services at TSE Acoustic Laboratories

  • Environmental Noise Measurements

  • Building Acoustics Measurements

  • Insulation Level Measurements

  • Sound Pressure Level Measurements

  • Indoor Noise Mapping 

  • Reflection Time and Volume Acoustics Measurements

  • Tests with Acoustic Camera

  • Impact Insulation Tests

  • Vibration Measurements

  • Sound Insulation Measurements Between Rooms

  • Sound Insulation Measurements of Wall, Facade or Flooring

  • Announcement System Measurements 

  • Occupational Health Measurements

  • Structural Vibration Level Measurements in Buildings

  • Machine Sound Power Level Measurements

  • Frequency Analysis

  • Electroacoustic Performance Measurements

Noise and Vibration Control

  • Acoustic Design and Project Planning Services 

  • Acoustic Consulting Services 

  • Noise and Vibration Control

  • Sound Insulation Projects

  • Acoustic Reporting

  • Acoustic Strategy Report

  • On-site Noise Control

  • Acoustic Report Conforming to Noise Regulation

Acoustic Application Control

  • Site Controls and Reporting


Acoustic Applications

  • Sound Insulation Applications

  • Volume Acoustics Regulations 

  • Turnkey Acoustic Applications

  • Design, Production and Installation of Special Acoustic Products

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