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Corporate Structure

Since 2009, when we started operating, we have provided consultancy to over 165 public and private sector organizations.


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We have received the most important awards of our industry around the world with you. We are the green building and urban planning sector leader in our country.

ECOBUILD was established in 2009. LEED AP BD + C, LEED AP ND, WELL AP, Envision SP, Climate Planner accredited by having a professional identity, its experience in national and international projects in Turkey and abroad;


  • LEED Green Building Certificate Consultancy

  • Training Programs: Green Building, Healthy Building and Green Urbanism

  • Healthy Building Design Resistant To Pandemic And Infection

  • Climate Change Action Plan

  • City Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

  • Green Urban Transformation

  • Green Urbanism LEED for Cities

  • Sites Certificate Environmentally Friendly Green Areas and Parks

  • WELL Healthy Building Certificate

  • WELL HSR Covid-19 Healthy Building Certificate

  • ENVISION Green Infrastructure Projects Certificate

  • Green Building Materials

  • Green Star Green Hotel Certificate

  • Building Energy Efficiency and Energy Model

  • Building Acoustics

offers consultancy services in the titles.


ECOBUILD has served more than 165 institutions and companies in 9 different countries.


Our Mission and

Our Vision

Our mission is to make our world more livable by creating green buildings and campuses that respect people and nature, and thus contribute to society.

  • Healthy

  • Sustainable

  • Economic

  • We aim for a construction that respects nature.


Our vision is to lead the building industry to develop sustainably and to ensure that buildings are designed and built according to environmental criteria.

  • Sustainability is the main idea of ​​our consultancy.

  • Energy efficiency,

  • Production of environmentally friendly building materials,

  • Creating green cities and urban transformations,

  • Combating Climate Change is our vision.

World Scale


ECOBUILD, sustainable building materials from 2009 to the present, the architecture and urbanism in the world and has received the most prestigious awards in Turkey.

ECOBUILD has provided consultancy services to national and international projects with a focus on customer satisfaction for materials, buildings and urban development areas that protect nature and human health and are economical and environmentally friendly, and received awards in national and international prestigious competitions. You can find all the awards on the Awards page here


Park Mozaik Green Residence Project in Ankara was awarded with the “LEED Project of the Year Award” by the jury of the US Green Building Council, the world's largest green building and environmental organization, under the project consultancy of ECOBUILD. EcoBuild the world's only received "LEED Project of the Year" award for not only Turkey is also a significant issue for EcoBuild sector. The USGBC LEED Project of the Year Award , awarded with dozens of different criteria, competed with important projects around the world. The success in the projects carried out by ECOBUILD since 2009, the contribution it has made to the development of the LEED Certificate, the training of hundreds of green building experts, the creation of hundreds of green building materials, has been the strength of your stakeholders, whom you see as a family. USGBC awards 5 different awards every year around the world. As a Turkish company, ECOBUILD has been awarded 3 of these awards in 2018 and 2020. Project information file.


ECOBUILD was awarded with the "Green Building Leader Award" in 2018 by the world's largest green building and environmental organization, USGBC, the US Green Building Council, for its outstanding achievements in its projects.


Having this award from USGBC, which is a world environmental center where only 3 companies in Europe, ethical values ​​are kept at the highest level and every decision is taken by election and voting, is a very prestigious achievement for the global green building and environmental sector.


This award not only for EcoBuild, Turkey architecture, is a meaningful award for the engineering and construction industry. In order to receive the USGBC Green Building Leader award, which is given with dozens of different criteria, it is necessary to work hard, to love the work we do, to continuously R&D, to be a good environmental leader and most importantly to institutionalize all these with a strong and high quality company structure.


ECOBUILD is the only Turkish firm providing consultancy services to the US Department of State's Construction Department on Green Building. The success in the projects it has carried out since 2009, the contribution it has made to the development of the LEED Certificate, the training of hundreds of green building experts, the creation of hundreds of green building materials, has been made possible by the strength of ECOBUILD's family. ECOBUILD's Twitter page is followed by 35,000 followers, including USGBC and environmental organizations around the world. EcoBuild only gained momentum with measurable outcomes to green building and environmental movements around the world not only in Turkey.

Memberships and Accreditation

ECOBUILD provides accredited services in all its services.

Memberships and Accreditations are listed below:

  • He is a member of the IWBI WELL Building Institute.

  • He is a member of the ISI Green Infrastructure Institute.

  • LEED AP BD+C and LEED AP ND  Accredited Professional.

  • WELL AP Accredited Professional.

  • Envision SP is Controller for Green Infrastructure Projects.

  • Climate Planner has Accredited Professional identities.

Üyelikler ve Akreditasyon
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