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For a

Sustainable Future

"We have to show everyone that achieving the impossible can become a normal task to protect the planet."

-Lisa Jackson


METU Forest


METU Forest made by students

is the largest afforestation project in Turkey. Support was provided to afforestation activities.


ECOBUILD, supporting the forest development project in Ankara, Çanakkale and Mersin, is to make a donation to reforestation campaign every year in Turkey.


It also provides tree planting by donating to non-governmental organizations engaged in tree planting campaigns.

Earthquake Aid

ECOBUILD regularly provides earthquake aid after the earthquake in 2023 in Turkey.

Education Support

ECOBUILD offers discounts to students and academicians every year in green building education programs, thus ensuring that 20 students receive free green building education every year.


It supports the increase in the number of trained specialists in the green building sector for the protection of nature and the environment. He believes this has a multiplier effect.


ECOBUILD organizes free seminars on green buildings and nature conservation in public and private organizations to raise awareness of green building and environmental awareness.


He is a jury member in national and United Nations supported international competitions on environmentalist investments and products.


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