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Acoustic Consulting References

ECOBUILD is the leader of acoustic consultancy in projects targeting LEED Green Building Certificate in Turkey.

We have provided acoustic consultancy service for all of our projects for which we provide LEED Certificate consultancy services. ​ECOBUILD has provided consultancy services in more than 145 national and international projects. 

Below are our leading references for which we provide acoustic consultancy services:

  • TED Çorum College: 600-person Conference Hall and Facade Acoustics  

  • TED Samsun College: Conference Hall for 350 People

  • Hitit University: Classrooms, Lectures and Conference Halls

  • Middle East Hospital: Conference Hall with 250 People and Facade Acoustics

  • Lejant Architecture: Multi-Purpose Hall and Facade Acoustics

  • Information Technologies and Communication Institution: Conference Halls for 1000 and 500 Persons, Seminar Halls and Masjid

  • 40° in the shade: Professional Music Studio

  • Modern Arts Music and Art Center: Interior Acoustics

  • Gür Music: Professional Music Studio

  • Ministry of Health: Establishment and Reporting of Hospital Acoustics Standards

  • 15 July Martyrs Museum Kazan: Conference and Concert Hall for 600 People

  • 262 Towers: Facade Acoustics 

  • Çankaya Municipality Yıldız Evler Culture and Congress Center: Facade Acoustics

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