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Climate Change

Action Plan

Cities all over the world should take a planned approach to adapt to climate change. The Climate Change Action Plan should be implemented with a city planning approach.

Why You Should Work With Us

Climate Change Action Plans should be made in accordance with international standards and with the contribution of all disciplines affecting the city with holistic approaches.

Climate Change Action Plan is primarily a city and regional planning issue. However, it requires an interdisciplinary approach in planning coordination. It is insufficient to go with only the greenhouse gas emission calculation and the stereotypical mitigation action list on the climate change problem. Climate Change Action Plan should be prepared in accordance with international norms. ECOBUILD is a firm that provides real consultancy services in our country on the Climate Change Action Plan.


Combating climate change should be aimed simultaneously as a fundamental goal in all city plans and local government service areas. ECOBUILD evaluates the Climate Change Action Plan, in addition to emission reporting and mitigation policy, as a plan that determines the necessary practices in the topics included in all city-wide plans, together with date targets.


In the action plan, climate change scenarios and expected climate change impacts in the city are set forth. The city's carbon emission projection, reduction and adaptation policies are established for all sectors. Risks and vulnerabilities that may arise throughout the province are analyzed, as well as climatic fragility, sectoral fragilities;

  • public health

  • Land Use and Sink Potential

  • Forestry, Bio-Diversity, Agriculture

  • Solid and Liquid Wastes

  • Energy Generation and Distribution

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Water resources

  • Public Infrastructure Services

  • Buildings

  • Trade, Tourism and Social Structure

  • It is handled on an Industry Basis.

Effects of Climate Change on Cities

The effects of climate change in cities in Turkey has started to see the rate increasing with each passing day.

Rapid urbanization and increased human activities cause an increase in greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. This situation causes global warming and climate change.


  • Irregular rains and floods

  • Temperature rise and drought

  • Storm and extreme weather events

  • Sea water level rise

  • The extinction of animal and plant species living in the city

  • It is that people and ecosystems do not have life opportunities.


The cities in our country should take measures that will rapidly adapt to Climate Change and make and implement Climate Change Action Plans. Without adapting to climate change with current policies, it will be difficult to live in cities, and the quality of life will decrease due to flood and drought disasters as well as insufficient infrastructure systems.


Adaptation Action Plans to Climate Change bring a new understanding of planning in urbanization as well as topics such as durable infrastructures and low-emission consumption. This understanding of planning means determining the green building criteria in city plans and converting all the necessary decisions and implementations required for climate change adaptation into action.

The decisions outlined above should be worked on by project teams specific to each city and reflected in all spatial and strategic plans.

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