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LEED v4-v4.1

Online Eğitim


Türkiye'nin en kapsamlı LEED Eğitim programı şimdi online olarak sizlerle. Sınav başarınız için sizde eğitimlere katılın.

ECOBUILD offers Turkey's most comprehensive and up-to-date LEED Training Programs. LEED training programs have high test success. Particularly sample questions for the examination and details to influence the examination success are presented.


Participants in the last 10 training programs held in 2018-2020 SERVQUAL The "Education Quality Survey" results set a very high percentage of success. Participants in the training programs have rated over 16 out of 100 questions in the analysis. ECOBUILD, General Education Quality score 95.26% from all participants. ECOBUILD scores 93.71% for all participants for Training Space and Comfort, which includes 94.12% of the participants with the quality of education, quality of education place, ventilation, lighting, comfort, lunch and daytime refreshments and accessibility to the training space. These results show that ECOBUILD training programs are evaluated successfully by participants.

Why is ECOBUILD Leader in LEED Education?


The training content has technical details for high exam success. Therefore it is the most comprehensive training program in Turkey. Sample exam questions are solved and the nuances to be encountered in the exam are explained in particular.

The training content is above the level of awareness training offered by the manufacturing companies / non-governmental organizations. Product-based advertisements, end-user product and consultancy marketing and launches are not included, only technical training is provided to the participants.

All guides are presented to the participants in the CD. In addition, all presentations are delivered in print.

Detailed basic and up-to-date information is provided for those who want to become LEED specialists in education.

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