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Green Urban Planning and Design

We provide consultancy services for cities that are compatible with the climate, emit low emissions, have sustainable transportation, protect their ecology, and consume less energy and water.

Green Urbanism Requires Integrated Planning Approach.

ECOBUILD provides consultancy services on Green Urban Planning and Design with its expert staff of city and regional planners worldwide.

1. Climate Change Mitigation Measures

Cities must first measure their contribution to climate change and plan mitigation measures. These measures should be implemented in city plans, strategic plans and regulations. ECOBUILD provides consultancy services on the following topics, enabling the city to reduce its contribution to climate change.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory for the City

  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Action Plan for the City

  • Metropolitan or District Municipality Institutional Carbon Footprint Inventory

  • Metropolitan or District Municipality Institutional Carbon Footprint Reduction Action Plan

2. Adaptation to Climate Change  Precautions

Cities must adapt to the changing climate as soon as possible. All Turkish cities are faced with drought, urban floods, and disappearing urban ecology. Disasters are experienced at an increasing rate every year at a rate that strains the budgets of cities, resulting in loss of life and property. ECOBUILD provides consultancy services on the following topics and ensures the adaptation of the city to climate change.

  • Climate and Disaster Risk Analysis for the City

  • Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan for City

  • Climate and Disaster Development Plan for the City

  • Cooling Areas Planning for the City

  • Disaster Area Planning for the City

  • Climate-Resistant Sustainability for the City Transportation and Communication System

  • RELI Certified Climate Risk Resistant Public Buildings

3. Urban Mobility and Transport

One of the most important topics of the sustainability goals of the cities is the planning of the city in terms of transportation. ECOBUILD plans the sustainable transportation of the city by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • City-Scale Sustainable Transportation Master Plan

  • City-Scale Quality Transportation Index Research

  • City-Scale Transport Efficiency Plan

  • City-Scale Transport Energy Efficiency Plan

  • City-Scale Sustainable Transport Investments Plan

  • Green Infrastructure Certificate Envision Certified Transportation Infrastructure Investments

  • City-Scale Bike Road Infrastructure Plan

  • City-Scale Pedestrianization Projects

  • City-Scale Social Projects That Promote Society

  • City-Scale Intelligent Mobility System, Transportation Systems Integration

  • City-Scale Electric Vehicles Incentive and Investment Plan

  • City-Scale Zero Carbon Urban Mass Transportation System

  • Guides to Climate-Adapted Road and Street Design at Urban Scale City

  • PARKSMART Certified Parking Buildings

  • LEED Certified Metro Buildings

4. Land Use and Land Change

The change in the use of the city's land directly affects the carbon sink area and the economy of the urban society. Use of urban land planning is not realized only with the spatial planning approach. ECOBUILD plans the land use and change of the city by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • Land Change Analysis at City Scale

  • Sink Area Planning Due to Land Change

  • Urban Heat Island Effect

  • Strategic Planning of Sustainable Urban Green Spaces

  • Biotope Area Coefficient System Planning-BAK

  • City Scale Contaminated Area Detection Report and Contaminated Area Renewal Regulation

  • City-Scale Construction Pollution Prevention Implementation Regulation

  • City-Scale Green Roof Implementation Regulation

  • Implementing Regulation on Access to Green Areas at City Scale

  • City Trees at City Scale GIS Recording System

  • City-Scale Urban Afforestation Plan and Implementation Regulation

  • Local and Adaptive Crop Use at Urban Scale, Compatible with Climate, Water Efficient  regulation

  • Measures Against Endangered Species at Urban Scale

  • Detection of Invasive Species at Urban Scale and Countermeasures

  • Determination of Irrigation Standards in Open Areas

  • SITES Green Area Certified Climate Resistant Green Area Planning

  • LEED Certified Net Zero Energy Green Public Buildings

  • Zero Carbon Urban Transformation Projects with LEED Neighborhood Development Certificate

5. Nature and Biodiversity

The city is a very rich habitat with its entire ecology, not just where people live. Cities should know their ecological values, protect their sensitive habitat areas and should prepare their regulations regarding these areas. The emergence of city planning in an understanding that protects the city ecology, the right investments in the city planning, not harming the environment and ensures that the ecology of the city is sustainable as a living life.ECOBUILD plans the natural areas and biodiversity of the city by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • City Ecological Conservation Plan

  • City Auction Plan for Biodiversity

  • City Implementation Plan for Urban Agriculture

  • City For the Endangered Species Assessment Report

  • City Endemic Species Conservation Project

  • City For Endangered Species Conservation Plan

  • City Measures Against Invasive Species

6. City Air Quality

Urban air quality falls below human health standards due to emission sources, particle sources, amount of carbon dioxide, improperly planned city structural areas that prevent air flow, and other factors that increase with population in cities all over the world. Air quality must increase for health of the citizens. ECOBUILD plans the air quality of the city by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • Air Quality Assessment Report for the City

  • Air Quality Management Plan for the City

  • Air Quality Regulations for the City

  • Community Engagement and Education Programs

  • Air Quality Monitoring System for the City 

Turkey's first and largest green city project

Green Urbanism Conserves Water Resources, Reduces Urban Waste and Blocks Noise

7. Integrated Urban Water Management

Climate change has brought along major problems in water supply and use in all cities in Turkey. Cities have naturally started to experience water problems with increasing population and increasing out-migration populations. Water systems in cities started to work inefficiently, the water infrastructures of the cities are old, not renewed and the water leakage rates have reached an average of 55%. ECOBUILD is planning the Integrated Water and Wastewater Management Plan of the city by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • City-Scale Integrated Urban Water Management Plan IUWMP

  • Water Management Practices in City Plans

  • New Urban Planning Regulations Regarding Water

  • Biotope Area Coefficient Regulation for the City

  • Heat Island Effect Planning for the City

  • Green Building Incentives for the City

  • Water Resources Conservation Planning for the City

  • Urban Scale Rainwater Harvesting Planning for the City

  • Urban Agriculture and Livestock Planning for the City

  • Water Supply and Separation System Design for the City

  • GIS Application of Water Infrastructure Systems for the City

  • City Scale Water Additional Tariff and Incentive System

  • Loss Leakage System SCADA Application for the City

  • Flood and Flood Planning for the City

  • Flood and Flood Warning Systems for the City

  • Urban Economy and Water Incentives

  • Socio-Economic Development and Water Systems

  • Urban Agriculture Plans for the City

  • Rural Areas and Agricultural Water Supply

  • Water Supply Energy Systems Planning

  • Integrated Water Management Investment Plan

  • Water Efficiency Regulation in Urban Scale Buildings

  • Regulation on Implementation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Buildings

  • Regulation on Water Efficiency and Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Open Areas

  • Water Efficient Parking Areas and Washing Stations Regulation

  • Envision Certified Green Water Infrastructure Systems

8. Waste Management Planning

Due to the lack of waste management planning in the cities, recycling can be done at a low rate. Organic waste is recycled at a very low rate in Turkish cities, and very high greenhouse gas emissions are caused in waste collection, separation and storage. It is possible for cities to obtain 90% of their energy needs from urban waste. ECOBUILD provides consultancy services on the following topics and makes the Waste Management Planning of the city.

  • City Scale Integrated Waste Management Plan

  • Smart Waste Systems Planning for the City

  • On-Site Segregation Program Regulation for the City

  • Waste and Urban Agriculture Integrated Program for the City

9. Noise Control and Acoustic Health

Due to population growth, rapid urbanization, unplanned and unhealthy construction and heavy traffic, all kinds of sounds and noises that occur inside and outside the buildings have an important place among the environmental pollution factors of today. Precautions should be taken in the urban areas, parks or other noise sensitive areas that need to be quiet within the residential areas that have been built or will be built. ECOBUILD is planning the Noise Control and Acoustic Health of the city by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • City Scale Noise Sources Analysis Report

  • Noise Reduction Action Plan at City Scale

  • City Afforestation Plan and Street Design Regulation

  • SITES Green Area Certified Green Area Planning with Acoustic Health

10. Urban Energy Efficiency

Turkey is an energy dependent country. The energy efficiency of Turkish cities should be considered multidimensionally. Cities need to switch to safe and smart green energy supply systems, where they can produce their own energy as soon as possible. ECOBUILD provides consultancy services on the following topics to increase the energy efficiency of cities.  dimensional  planning approaches.

  • SECAP at City Scale  Sustainable Energy Action and Climate Adaptation Plan

  • Municipality Renewable Energy Systems Investment Plan

  • Urban Scale Renewable Energy Incentives and Regulations

  • City Scale Urban Community Solar Energy Cooperatives Establishment

  • Agricultural Community Solar Energy Cooperatives Establishment

  • Regulation on the Use of Energy Efficient Equipment in Infrastructure Systems

  • Light Pollution Implementation Regulation for the City

  • PEER Certified Intelligent Energy Distribution System for the City

11. Green Growth and Eco-Innovation

Sustainable urbanism creates a sustainable investment and development environment. In today's world, there is no chance to compete high emission and unhealthy produced goods and services. ECOBUILD plans the Green Growth and Eco-Innovation investments of cities by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • Sustainable Industrial Production Strategic Plan for the City

  • Zero Carbon University and Science City Plan for the City

  • Technology and Innovation Center Project for the City

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station System and Investment Plan at City or District Municipality Scale

  • Metropolitan or District Municipality Foreign Sustainability Finance Unit Establishment for the City

  • Envision Certified Green Infrastructure Systems Project

  • WELL Certified Healthy Public Buildings

  • LEED for Cities Green City Certification

12. Governance Planning

Sustainable urbanism can be realized with the demand of the inhabitants of that city. There is no chance of success in the long run for any project that the citizens do not adopt and demand. The first step of sustainability is to know green urbanism, to live in an environmentally friendly manner, to be healthy,  and reaching a demanding urban consciousness. ECOBUILD makes Governance Planning of cities by providing consultancy services on the following topics.

  • Sustainability Projects Participation Plan for the City

  • Sustainability Projects Tracking Center Software for the City

  • City Scale Regulation on Participation in Sustainability Projects of Children, Youth and Adults

  • Disadvantaged Groups at Urban Scale and Women's Sustainability Projects Participation Regulation

  • Immigrant and Foreign Population Adaptation Projects

  • Sustainability Communication Channels Establishment

  • Urban Sustainability Conference and Fair Planning

  • Metropolitan or District Municipality Institutional Capacity Development and Protection Training Program 

  • City-Scale Sports and Walking Incentive Regulation

Green Urbanism is Possible with Urban Energy Efficiency

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